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Christmas Gift Challenge Day 2. Find the perfect best friend gift that you'll want to keep for yourself.  

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Christmas Gift Challenge Day 1. Find her the perfect gift she'll love

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If you are active on social media, chances are you have seen an article in the Daily Mail where a bride complained to her friend that her £100 cheque was not acceptable as a wedding present and that the couple expected more...

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Looking for less ordinary gift idea for Valentines?

Best last minute gift ideas for Valentines

This year we've got Valentines sorted with a fabulous hand-picked collection of quirky and unusual Valentines day gift ideas for your lover, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband to suit every budget in stock.

Beautifully wrapped & delivered with fast UK delivery on all of our gifts! From Swarovski crystal bling and valentines jewellery to pink girly stuff







Temptation Gifts for Her, For Him, For All Occasions

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A shopaholic girl was looking for a bat mitzvah gift for a friend. After spending days looking, she found her own suppliers of quirky, unusual gifts & launched BoudoirBabe
The rest is history...
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